NHS Digital

Many industries have grasped the potential and opportunity for digital technology to help bring about transformational change. UK residents already make extensive use of digital in social-media to plan events, search for information and communicate with family and colleagues. Digital solutions offer strong potential for the NHS in keeping people safer in their community and at home; advising, monitoring and alerting when needed, with the ability to communicate and seek response and intervention. Digital is proving to be a cost effective solution across Health and Social Care when used as part of a wider care package.

Digital has the potential to enable transformational change in how we deliver health and social care. Like any other transformation, it requires a strategic approach, careful planning, integration with existing programmes of work and to be complemented by a people-centric programme of change management to deliver new models of care.

Buchan + Associates can support you in your digital journey.

Contact us to learn how we can support you with:

  • Designing real time command centres, enabling improvements in patient safety and system flow
  • Building a digital ready workforce
  • Developing the active patient group, and designing services to meet their needs
  • Digital efficiency
  • Digital enablers and support for new models of care
  • Developing a digital strategy
  • Optimising models of care using real time patient data capture
command centre scheme
Credit: Aisling designs
patient trak monitor
Credit: Soterawireless.com