Leadership, Organisational Development & Change Management

It is all too commonplace to see project activity as a means to an end and to forget the huge positive impact that even small developments can have on overall service delivery and organisational performance if planned and delivered in the context of wider “programmes of change”

As healthcare planners and OD/change management consultants, B+A recognise the huge potential associated with every planned service change and are experienced at working with the individuals and groups involved to ensure that such changes realise the best outcomes possible.

As well as facilitating change and service improvement, we provide real constructive clinical challenge to, and on behalf of, all stakeholder groups whilst supporting them to change both practice and paradigm.

It is our experience that clinical staff in particular respond well to constructive challenge from other clinicians when this is backed up by specific experience and evidence from similar projects and developments in other areas. B+A are able to offer this level and degree of support, experience, and empathy to develop those relationships required to unlock change and allow improvement to happen.