Healthcare Planning


Working in partnership with the NHS Boards, technical teams and consortia advisory teams, B+A brings together it’s experience of healthcare planning, extensive knowledge of NHS and Social Care strategy, hospital operations, and clinical practice developments to ensure that facility design and configuration – the primary physical manifestation of clinical strategy – is modern, patient focused and employee friendly.


Specifically, our health consulting team provides healthcare planning services to a full range of health projects from small-scale re-design/refurbishment projects up to whole system multi-hundred-million pound investment programmes. We are dedicated to ensuring that NHS Boards are always presented as intelligent clients and that investment in assets fully capitalises on those opportunities afforded to effect real service improvement.


We are able to offer healthcare planning at all levels including national, regional and service/facility specific and can generate all required clinical/technical briefing documentation as appropriate including; strategic models; the documented evidence base; capacity projections; clinical output specifications; schedules of accommodation; clinical bibliographies; etc


We are also able to support facility development from pre-conception through briefing, design, construction, equipment specification/procurement and service migration to post-project evaluation.