Clinical Infrastructure Development

B+A recognise that the optimal delivery and improvement of clinical services is dependent upon a wide range of departments and disciplines working seamlessly together to achieve continual improvement. Consequently, the process of change requires frequently complex information gathering, planning and negotiation with a diverse range of stakeholders whose proximity to the relevant issues and ability to respond quickly to changes often varies greatly.


One of the most challenging leadership areas within this “service planning matrix” is the interface between clinical and estates issues, where poor interaction can lead to a divergence of clinical and property strategies with a subsequent failure to deliver the best outcomes possible. B+A have long since recognised this challenge and have consequently developed a clear approach to global planning that we call “Clinical Infrastructure Development”.


In simple terms, “Clinical Infrastructure Development” is a single “umbrella” process designed to ensure convergence in clinical, estates, capital/revenue and other core planning activities. When applied it realises a real synergy, significantly improving the outcomes of investments/disinvestment decision making.


We recognise that evidence based investment/disinvestment decision making will only become more important as both revenue and capital budgets come under increasing pressure, leading to increasingly difficult decisions, and cite our experienced approach as a successful way to manage these challenges in a consistent and transparent manner.