Business Case Development and Review

In line with all relevant public sector business planning guidance, B+A recognises that an effective business case is merely the appropriate documentation of an effective process that has defined a problem, highlighted what success will look like, considered the full range of potential options available and – through a robust process of objective consideration – identified, all things considered, the best solution.

In our experience, business case development is frequently poor and often results in project delays, resource wastage, and bad medium/long term decisions.

Our team are highly experienced in both the development and review if business cases but can always add most value when engaged at an early in the business planning process, ensuring not only that “due process” is followed but also that the full range of potential solutions have been considered, including those that may have an operational rather than a wholly capital solution. We can also ensure that any proposed investment will result in genuinely measurable improvements in efficiency/service delivery outcomes and can be met within an acceptable “pay back” period through our process of “clinical contracting” where we ask clinical clients to commit to changes in practice as a precursor to agreed investment.

For business cases that are more developed, we are able to provide formal constructive review, advice and guidance related to process and outcomes.