Asset Management & Investment/Disinvestment Prioritisation

B+A’s commitment to our clients when engaged in any process that may involve investment is to ensure that such investment always optimises improvement.


This is never more true than when considering the impact of fixed assets on available budgets and considering the potential advantages/disadvantages of associated investing in one asset/service over another.


We are acutely aware of the concept of opportunity cost and work extensively with a wide range of organisations to understand the true benefits and risks associated with investing/not investing in specific areas and developing documented rationales around the same. We are also experienced in the process of “trading off” investment decisions across a huge range of potential projects from complex clinical expansion to FM delivery spaces, etc


It is our experience that the best decisions are only made with the best information available and that this is often not immediately available. Our combined clinical and technical team can quickly pull together the necessary data from a wide range of sources to generate an accurate picture of the impact of one proposed investment over another and, in so doing, support the development of everything from a single project/specific option appraisal to a clients groups entire 10 year capital plan.


Our investment/disinvestment process is based upon the detailed consideration of a lager range of proposed investment outcomes that include efficiency savings, risk management issues, capacity projections, service re-design considerations etc. It is only by considering all of these issues – appropriately weighted utilising an agreed methodology – that real effective and transparent true investment prioritisation can be concluded.